Friday, June 14, 2013

How To Seduce A Sagittarius

Although we are all individuals with our own tastes and ideas (based on the individual details of the birth chart -- ask an astrologer for details) there is a simple trick to keep in mind when you intend to seduce a Sagittarius Man or a Sagittarius Woman. Apply this strategy and you are much more likely to have success (also works well with people who have Venus or Mars in that Sign):

-Have some fun with it! Even though your intent is entirely serious, suggest something amusing or novel... and perhaps something that brings out a sense of mild competition or playfulness.
-Sagittarius likes their friends. Don't be afraid to attend a party or a wedding reception with them, have fun with their friends too, have fun... then make your move.
-Be willing to take yourself less than perfectly seriously on occasion
-Sagittarius, whether they think of themselves this way or not, usually has a philosophical reason for the things they think and do. If Sagittarius expresses an opinion, don't be afraid to ask why they think that way. They'll tell you... and likely reveal a bit of themselves while doing so.

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Amit lamba said...

Ha Ha Very Interesting . Kindly Post about other Sun Signs too.