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The Astrology Of Your Boss On A Bad Day

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Every planet in your birth chart represents a different part of your personality. The Sun represents the Ego, which is why people say “I’m a Taurus” or whatever may be the case. And whenever there’s difficulty in the workplace -- especially when the boss is involved -- it’s likely the Egos/Sun signs that are generating the difficulty.

Here are some general examples of how to handle your boss on a bad day, based on his/her Sun sign. Imagine for a moment that you’ve been put in charge of a project, and that it is behind schedule, over budget, and not producing the expected results. Read on and find out what spin on things will be your best approach.

Fire Sign Bosses (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

-- Aries wants a little personal credit for what goes right, and take what goes wrong personally. Use their name, and don’t project the blame.
-- Leo bosses may have more of a reputation for being egotistical, but that’s just because they are protecting that ego behind a defensive wall. They take the failures of others more personally than most.
-- Sagittarius bosses tend to be focused more on the “big picture” rather than the details, and are best reassured that things will be fine in the long run. Although all three Fire Sign bosses can have temper flare-ups, they usually burn out quickly.

“I’m sorry, Dave. I know how much work you’ve put into setting those absolutely reasonable goals. I take full responsibility for the screw-ups. The basic idea you had is still excellent. Things should still work out in time for the fourth-quarter closing date. Hey, is that a new tie?”

Air Sign Bosses (Gemini, LIbra, Aquarius)

-- Geminis have a lot of ideas… not all of which work out, but they’ve put thought into them. Finding any silver lining in a cloud will give them something positive to focus on.
--- Libra bosses tend to feel a little more personally let down by non-personal failures, and might need a little more emotional reassurance that you (or they) aren’t bad people.
-- Aquarius loves to work towards a higher goal, but don’t often handle disappointment well. Reassure them that the Big Picture is still there, and still achievable.

“I’m as surprised as you are this didn’t come together properly, Carol. On paper, it’s a brilliant concept. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to pull it together yet, and surprised – your instructions were very clear and helpful. But I’m glad we’re still outperforming projections for this quarter, and I don’t doubt we’ll pull it together soon.”

Water Sign Bosses (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

-- For better or worse, Water Sign bosses have a tendency to emotionally personalize success or failure, and this can be awkward to deal with. Cancers can be defensive and need additional reassurance.
-- Scorpios don’t handle disappointment well, and might be suspicious you aren’t pulling your weight.
-- A Pisces boss may morbidly dwell on the possibility for big failures when small ones happen.

“I think you’ve done the best job possible coming up with a good plan and reasonable guidelines, Frank: there was just a lot of unforeseeable stuff that came up for everyone in the industry. You know I want to give you my best, and I’m not letting anything else distract me from meeting your goal. It’s a good project, and I’m certain it’s all going to go much more smoothly from here on out.”

Earth Sign Bosses (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

-- A Taurus boss tends to be particularly concerned with the expenses and resources consumed by a project more than the other factors.
-- Virgo bosses have very distinct ideas in their heads about how things should be, and don’t deal well with large deviations from that mental picture.
-- The Capricorn boss gave you clear instructions and a reasonable goal. Why couldn’t you follow them?

“I’m sorry about all the dinners on the expense account, Fran, but I assure you they were absolutely necessary. There shouldn’t be more of those. And I assure you, supply prices going up like they did was completely out of my control. Maybe we should review things with the subcontractors. Personally, I take responsibility for the whole mess. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

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