Thursday, June 6, 2013

How To Seduce A Gemini

Although we are all individuals with our own tastes and ideas (based on the individual details of the birth chart -- ask an astrologer for details) there is a simple trick to keep in mind when you intend to seduce a Gemini Man or a Gemini Woman. Apply this strategy and you are much more likely to have success (also works well with people who have Venus or Mars in that Sign):

-Geminis have busy minds. Feel free to play with them. If you have a story to tell connected to something they're wearing or doing, tell it!
-Don't just ask them out to dinner... find out what they're interested in (don't worry, they'll tell you that soon enough).
-If you have knowledge about a particular, perhaps obscure interest... Mayan pottery, dog breeding, wine making... bring it up. If they pick up the ball, let 'em run with it.
-When it doubt, say (or whisper) something suggestive... then walk away.

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