Monday, June 3, 2013

The Daily Sky: Mercury, Saturn, Neptune Grand Trine

Saturn says: You are limited. You are trapped in the material universe, and it will not bend to your will at all, at all. But once you understand that and are willing to work with it, you can achieve Greatness.

Neptune says: We are all held in the sway of higher forces... but forces that through hope and aspiration can be overcome. In fact, you can be a part of that force!

How can one possibly reconcile such contradictory world-views... such wildly differing worlds?

A brain is required. Common sense. Simple logic. A little intellectual elbow-grease. That's where Mercury comes in. Little old Mercury -- tiny charred planet that's never far from the Sun, a little lump of mostly iron. Nothing to look at. Not very exciting at all, really... except that today it is The Most Powerful Planet In The Solar System.

Saturn asks: What the hell is wrong with you?

Neptune asks: Why all this meaningless suffering.

Today: Do not listen to those voices. Listen to yourself. Hear the lesson your brain is trying to convey.

Today: Mercury says to calmly make a list of the things you want to change in your life. Take note of the things you want for yourself in the next several months. Really focus on it, with clarity and caution and without fear. Then...

Be brave. Take aim.

Then: come back here Friday, when Venus and I will tell you how to pull the trigger.

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