Sunday, June 9, 2013

How To Seduce A Cancer

Although we are all individuals with our own tastes and ideas (based on the individual details of the birth chart -- ask an astrologer for details) there is a simple trick to keep in mind when you intend to seduce a Cancer Man or a Cancer Woman. Apply this strategy and you are much more likely to have success (also works well with people who have Venus or Mars in that Sign):

-Be particularly respectful of their feelings
-Don't say anything bad about their family... even if they say it bad first
-Appear comfortable and fuzzy... wear clothes that look fuzzy or comfortable or pleasant to the touch
-Show a little patience. Don't take the lead until you're given an indication that's okay
-When in doubt... feed them!

For further information on how to seduce a Cancer (or anyone else, for that matter) please consult the “Let’s All Seduce Someone” episode of “Love And Sex In The Stars,” presented by!

For specific guidance on how to seduce, amuse, delight, decode, or tolerate the Aries (or anyone else) in your life, please refer to my Readings page, and please note my “Summer Lovin’ Special” (in conjunction with Aliza from Two astrologers and two perspectives for less than the price of one!

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