Friday, May 31, 2013

The Best Of "Conquer The Universe With Astrology"!

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Before there was "Love And Sex In The Stars," there was a little handcrafted astrology show on Blogtalkradio called "Conquer The Universe With Astrology"... not coincidentally named after my book. And a mighty show it was... many of astrology's leading lights dropped by, we had fun, we learned things, and only a few bones were broken along the way.

Some astrology shows have a short shelf life -- who cares about last year's transits? But listed below are a selection of some of the best of "Conquer The Universe With Astrology" that are as fresh as today's delivery of melons. Sweet, delicious, educational, informative, funny, astrological melons. If you haven't had a listen before... pick something below and give it a try. If you heard the show before, there's bound to be something you missed the first time out.


Your Moon Sign, Part One and Part Two
Love Around The Zodiac, Part One and Part Two
Looking Good And Attracting Love
An Hour Of Astrological Comedy
Astrology And Weight Loss (With Eileen Nauman)
The Amazing, Undeniable Truth About Nibiru!


Legendary astrologer Michael Lutin
One of the True Greats: Jeff Jawer
Influential author of the classic "The Inner Sky" Steven Forrest
Mayan/Mesoamerican Astrology with Bruce Scofield
Karmic Astrology with the incredible Marguerite Manning
Insightful Astrology's Maria DeSimone's Christopher Witecki
The incredible April Elliot Kent
Author of "A Love Alchemist's Notebook" Jessica Shepherd
"Lovecasts" author Judi Vitale
As seen on "Millionaire Matchmaker": Dr. Craig Martin


Write me for information on "The Summer Lovin' Astrology Special"... two astrologers for (less than) the price of one!

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