Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Sagittarium: Eclipses And Virgos And Arias, Oh My!

On today's episode of The Sagittarium: Astrology That Doesn't Suck:

-Current Conditions: Another eclipse is coming. Time to panic?

-Celebrity Astrology: The awesomeness of Madonna is revealed, and Jodi Arias: born to kill?
(Would this be a good time to mention my "Summer Lovin' Reading Special" with Aliza from Nah, maybe not)

-Dear Edna: Do Virgos keep score?

-How Not To Explain Astrology To Beginners: The Book says we're compatible... but we aren't. Or maybe The Book says we aren't compatible, but we are. Who's right... me or The Book?

All this and more when you check yourself in for a voluntary stay at THE SAGITTARIUM!

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Here are the charts, for those of you who want to play along at home... click on 'em. They get bigger!


Jodi Arias:
Travis Alexander: 

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