Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Sagittarium: An Eclipse! Look Out!

Tomorrow at 2 PM Eastern, 11 AM Pacific... is somewhat proud-ish to present another astrology-packed installment of THE SAGITTARIUM: ASTROLOGY THAT DOESN'T SUCK!


Depressed? Confused? Love life stinks? Check yourself into THE SAGITTARIUM for a voluntary stay! Join astrologers Kim-Rogers Gallagher (author of "Astrology For The Light Side Of The Brain" and former editor of "The International Astrologer") and's own Matthew Currie (that's me!) on their never-ending quest to shine the light of Astrology into those deep nooks and crannies of life in order to turn up a little Enlightenment.


CURRENT CONDITIONS: A Lunar Eclipse in Gemini/Sagittarius, alongside a nearly-exact Uranus-Pluto square. Time to make bold moves, or time to hide in the cellar until it passes?

CELEBRITY ASTROLOGY: The Awesomeness of Madonna is revealed. Also... Jodi Arias: born to kill?

DEAR EDNA: "Do Virgos keep score? I find that I have a tendency to keep track of every little thing, money-wise, and it's starting to make me feel crazy. Is this a normal Virgo thing, or do I have some sort of issue?"

HOW NOT TO EXPLAIN ASTROLOGY TO BEGINNERS: I have a crush on someone, but The Book says we aren't compatible. Am I doing something wrong, because it seems like things are going well?

Oh, and laughs. There Will Be Laughs.

Tomorrow at 2 PM Eastern, 11 AM Pacific

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