Saturday, May 4, 2013

Eclipse Preparation Lessons, Part One: Understand Your Resources

(The following is an excerpt from the Astrological Civil Defense Council/Reaction Undertaking Liaison-Education Service (ACDC/RULES) pamphlet on the upcoming eclipses May 9th and May 25th. Forewarned is forearmed!)


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this going to hurt?
On one level or another, almost certainly. But hey, that's life, right? The best we can hope for is to prepare, strengthen our resolve, and remind ourselves that we've been through painful things before and are now better people for it.

But, I'm NOT a better person because of my suffering. Suffering sucks!
Okay, sure, it sucks. But really, it's what we do with the cards we are dealt the things that make us who we are.

Is there anywhere I can hide from these eclipses?
No. But at least now you're asking "what can I do?" instead of "what will happen," which is a start.

Gotcha. So: what can I do?
Glad you asked! Read on...


Examine Your Foundations For Cracks And Structural Flaws

The May 9th New Moon eclipse features The Sun and Moon conjunct at 19 degrees Taurus.

1) Locate the House that falls into in your birth chart. This is an area of your life that is likely to see some shaking and surprises between now and the next eclipse.

2) Find the planets and placements in your chart (if any) that are closely aspected by 19 degrees Taurus. The things these planets/placements rule are most likely to be affected by the eclipse. If the aspect is a nice frindly trine or sextile, don't automatically assume it will all be good news, and if we're talking about squares and oppositions, don't assume it's going to be ugly.

Gather Supplies And Prepare For Possible Temporary Shortages

Because this is an eclipse in Taurus, there is some chance that there will also be an economic/work-related effect. Also, no harm in making sure your health habits are running properly... Taurus has a reputation for wanting to break its diet, and few things provide better comfort in times of trouble better than a couple of extra cupcakes.

Check For Leaks In The Basement

Neptune isn't that big a player in this eclipse... but it plays a more prominent role in the eclipse on the 25th.

Now that you've done all that, you should have at least some idea as to how the May 9th eclipse will affect you and the people around you. If you haven't worked those chart placements out, or are uncertain how they will affect you, CLICK HERE and scroll down for further details on this month's Blue Plate Special!


Saturn in Taurus said...

So.... this eclipse is conjunct my 9th House natal Saturn which makes some good aspects..... to my Virgo planets and my Cancer stellium and.... But it is BANG ON my Saturn. 19 degrees yup!

Matthew The Astrologer said...

Brace for impact! :)

Taurus Chiron said...

More learning for me I s'pose, Chiron Taurus here at 18... As if this placement isn't hard enough on my self worth anyway. I will brace as well and try to get a handle on resources :)