Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Let An Astrologer Be Your Bounty Hunter D'Amour!

The Moon is in Libra as I write this. Maybe that's why "relationships" are on my mind. Many of you don't need a lunar excuse to be pondering the state of your love life, no matter what shape it may be in. Sure... you could put up with the current circumstances of your love life. You could carry on wondering what the real story is, or if there's a story at all, or even why there's nothing happening. But you know... you don't have to go on in the dark with it.

An Astrologer can help you:

Catch that Aries! Get that Taurus back in your pasture! Handle both sides of that Gemini at once! Get into that Cancer's shell! Tame that Leo! Prove your data to Virgo! Get that Scorpio back in his jar! Rope and ride that Sagittarius! Get that Capricorn back on YOUR mountain top! Convince that Aquarius to land on your planet! Toss a net on that Pisces!

Okay, I know, I'm being over-dramatic here. But hey... what's Love without a little drama? Besides: if your love life is confusion or puzzling or dissatisfying or just flat-out lame... even if it's good and you just want to make it better... a reading from an astrologer can help.

And what's even better than an astrologer providing guidance for you and your love life? TWO astrologers! Aliza from Moonplutoastrology.com and I have joined forces to present The Summer Lovin' Astrology Special: Seeing Love From Both Sides... two viewpoints, two readings, one great price... and a whole lot of understanding and solutions for you. CLICK HERE for the details and a free e-book when you write me!

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