Saturday, May 11, 2013

Astrological Weather Alert For Those Born 1965-1968

Between now and about the 25th of this month, Jupiter will be passing from 19 to 24 degree Gemini. Although the individual effects of this transit will vary based on the details of your birth chart, those of you born between 1965 and 1968 will feel the effects in a way very specific to your age group: namely, Jupiter will be square your natal Uranus and Pluto.

Transiting Jupiter square your Uranus can bring unexpected shifts in your "luck"... whether for good or bad, it's usually unexpected and can be a little disruptive. One way or another, a change is probably called for. Feel free to break loose from the things that are trying to break you!

Transiting Jupiter square your Pluto can bring a strong sense of personal power -- strong enough to overcome the resistance you are likely to face. De-constructing and re-constructing some of the major factors in your life can be useful and profitable... and sometimes, it's just flat-out mandatory. 

The individual effects will be dependent on the house placement of your Uranus-Pluto conjunction and what Houses of your chart they rule. Even without that information, though: consider how the above could manifest itself in your life in the next couple of weeks. If the results are unpleasant or off-kilter... fear not. It will pass. Want further details, or maybe a reading? CLICK HERE to contact me, and get a free e-book!

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