Friday, May 31, 2013

The Daily Sky: Mars In Gemini Runs With Scissors

All of a sudden... he realized that everything seemed fresh and new.

A world of possibilities had suddenly opened. No longer did the plodding, deliberative energy of Mars in Taurus rule the drives. There was a world to be confronted! A life to be lived! Challenges to be overcome! All the old obstacles could be overcome by an incoming wave of promise and optimism and good cheer.

He stretched his arms out towards the sky, and joyfully shouted "Look out world, here I come! Woo hoo!"

No one could talk him out of it. Not common sense, not fear of the unknown, and above all... certainly not his astrologer, off in the distance, shouting "Look out! That Mars is square Neptune, and it may be affecting your judgment!"

He ignored the barely-heard warning and began to run... run as he never had before... his arms outstretched and waving to everyone he passed, as the sunlight turned into glimmering Beacons Of Hope as they bounced off the freshly-sharpened blades of his favorite scissors.


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