Monday, May 13, 2013

The Daily Sky: Venus Square Neptune

MALE PIGEON: I don't care how wrong our forbidden our love is! For I am The Mighty Eagle, and I take what I want!

FEMALE PIGEON: Take me! For I am The Swan Of Your Dreams!

MALE PIGEON: I'm going to make passionate love to you ALL NIGHT LONG! (MALE PIGEON hops on top of FEMALE PIGEON and begins thrusting) And our children will grow up to be dragons! Dragons who are doctors and lawyers! (He finishes and hops back to the ground)

(There is an awkward pause as the two pigeons contemplate each other -- and realize that they are just pigeons after all. And not very exceptional ones at that.)

FEMALE PIGEON: That was, um... nice.

MALE PIGEON: Yeah, hey... Uh, I gotta go. See you around. 

FEMALE PIGEON: Yeah, sure, you bet.


Today could be a wonderful day for romance... or delusion. Sometimes both. Use a little discernment. 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, I consider myself warned.. ;)

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