Friday, May 24, 2013

The Daily Sky: Lunar Eclipse in Gemini/Sagittarius

The Universe is watching.

And here you thought all along you were a lone wolf, an independent agent, the master of Free Will. Little did you know that the Universe, teeming and pulsing all around you, has A Plan.

Sure, you  know all about "karma" and you've done your best to be nice to children and small animals and not under-tip and cover your sneeze and not kill anyone. Sure. You've got all that in the bank, karma-wise. Even so -- you never know when The Universe is going to throw a bong out a window at you, resulting in a little non-voluntary time in a facility for someone who has gotten away with too much for too long.

It may not happen today. It may not happen tomorrow. But the groundwork has been set, and 4 degrees Gemini and Sagittarius point to where in your chart it will be unleashed.

Now, that may mean you're going to need guidance with your love life, whatever shape it may be in. You might win the lottery... or lose your shirt. So brace yourself. Expect the unexpected. Somewhere, something has started ticking. Who knows? It could be an antique clock given as a surprise gift, wrapped in a big bow... and maybe it's a simple kitchen timer, wired to a few sticks of dynamite.

Either way, The Universe is watching. Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock...

Ninety years without slumbering,
Tick tock, tick tock.
Ninety years numbering,
Tick tock, tick tock.
But it stopped, short, never to run again
When the old man died.


Charlotte Cicale said...

Interesting post. Today I received a call from an old friend who is in her mid 90's. She is going downhill daily and is more or less waiting to die. A part of her is begging for the end and another part of her is holding on; waiting for the sun to shine so she can be wheeled outside one more time. I always expect the unexpected.

Matthew The Astrologer said...

A classic Eclipse story there...