Friday, May 10, 2013

Shooting The Rapids With A Guide: The Relationship Diagnostic

If you've ever had a relationship that started well, flourished, then died... or even if you've just seen one that went that way... you know that "compatibility" is a much more complex matter than simply "are we compatible"? I sometimes wonder if astrology isn't occasionally doing a disservice to the rich complexity of interpersonal relations by focusing on "compatibility." After all, lots of people who are compatible enough to get married are later incompatible enough to get divorced, right?


"The sex is great, so why can't we communicate outside of the bedroom?" (His Mars in Capricorn is sextile your Venus, but square your Mercury. Mars in Capricorn does good work, but sometimes needs direction)

"She used to do thoughtful little things, but now all she does is nag." (Her Moon in Virgo is thoughtful, but doesn't forget little affronts easily)

"He was so affectionate at first... why has he become distant and withdrawn?" (his Jupiter still works well with your chart... but now Saturn is squaring that, making him doubtful about things)


Heraclitus said "you can't set foot in the same river twice, for fresh waters are ever flowing in upon you." On the one hand this is obviously true, and on the other... it really IS the same river, with the same bends and rapids. Humans, and the relationships between them, are like that. That's why, when attempting to shoot the white-water rapids of another person's feelings, it's a good thing to have a guide along.

My Relationship Diagnostic can give you the goods on who you both were, and are, and could be. The river has twists and turns, and sometimes you need a navigator who can see the whole picture -- not just where you are right now. Write me for details!

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