Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Practical Lesson In Moon Sign Dynamics

I may be a Sagittarius, but I still worry about things a lot. I know we're supposed to be optimistic, bouncy, Tigger-like creatures... and we often are.

I also have Moon in Cancer, right smack on my Ascendant. This tends to make me an overemotional, sad, withdrawn Sagittarius at times. Like at 3:30 AM last night, when I woke up feeling disturbed about life. With the recent eclipse, plus transiting Mars opposite my Sun (and conjunct my progressed Jupiter) and Saturn squaring my natal Mercury, this is hardly a surprise.

It's at times like this you really need to understand your Moon Sign, and what it means to you. Your Sun represents a lot of things to do with your ego. The Moon is your emotional, gut-level, unprocessed feelings. And no matter how well the ego or the intellect may function, more often than not I find it's the Moon crying out for attention in times of emotional distress.

I was tossing and turning, worried about my income and my career direction and how global economic forces can be turned to my personal advantage, and a half dozen other things too personal to relate. In other words, I was in exactly the same state of mind that many clients come to me with.

I like to think that a session with an astrologer who really knows what he/she is doing can not only point out the problems and when they'll end, but (maybe even more importantly) can help a client find a practical way to deal with both the outer and inner issues of the day. And no matter how orderly life may look to the Sun, it's the Moon (more often than not) driving the insecurity. If you don't honor the Moon, you risk being unable to hear the lessons the other planets may have for you.

There are lots of web sites out there that have advice as to what kind of mantra, gemstones, or meditations you can use to honor your Moon and integrate it into your life.

Me? My Moon in Cancer prefers a more immediate, practical approach.

So I got up and ate a whole pie.


elsa said...

You with your pie and me with my ice cream. I feel for you, maaan. :-)

Pat Paquette said...

I was tossing and turning this morning, too -- 4 a.m. to 5:30 a.m., to be specific. But I ate the rest of the bag of cookies yesterday, so there were none left to get up and eat this morning, or I would have.

As I've remarked elsewhere many times, being astrologers doesn't make us immune to the turbulent energies of the Universe. Even if we know what's ahead -- which is getting harder and harder to predict these days -- we are not above being plagued by the same desires and fears that our clients have. What do most of them want? Love, money, and a job that doesn't suck. Sounds good to me ... and maybe some ice cream to go with that pie.

Diane Elizabeth said...

Pie is the Perfect Cure for a Sad Sag! I Love It!

Devil Mood said...

haha! Is there anything better than pie?

I am a sad at times too, even though my moon is in Aries, it is conjunct my Ascendant too and in the 12th, so...I worry. But then I go and laugh it off.

Anonymous said...

well at least you were not born on a full moon.

I'm a sag with an opposing gem moon (conjunct asc).