Friday, September 14, 2007

Corporations Are People Too: Wal-Mart Flip Flop Astrology

There are few things in life more fun for me than to read the "birth chart" of a corporation. They follow more or less all the same rules as your chart and mine do, but experience has taught me corporations have a lot less free will than the average client. It can make prediction a lot easier.

The effects of the September 11/07 eclipse on the Wal-Mart birth chart is pretty dramatic. And, since an eclipse tends to drag its influence out over time, it continues to have an effect. Wal-Mart never has to go begging for money, but of late there have been concerns over the sustainability of the company's growth. That, and a lot of concern over dangerous imports from China.

...And there's yet more trouble brewing, specifically in the form of an outbreak of skin lesions because of bad Chinese-made flip flops.

The Sun/Moon eclipse point (18 degrees, 25 minutes Virgo)squares Wal-Mart's natal Saturn within one-tenth of a degree (ouch!), and Mars is three degrees off the conjunction with the natal Saturn. Saturn (limiting outside forces, material difficulties, and such) is in the company's natal sixth house... in corporate terms, daily operations. Saturn also rules Wal-Mart's Ascendant (maybe that's why they always have that stark fluorescent lighting in there), which in business terms means PR matters, among other things. For bonus points, Saturn is also the traditional ruler of Aquarius, thus the ruler of Wal-Mart's Second House... money. Income. Again, ouch. The capper? Transiting Saturn is in Wal-Mart's Eight House... other people's money, trade agreements, and (often) a lot of stuff you'd rather not see your company on the news for.

There are some less-pronounced, mildly supportive transits happening here too. But if this was your chart and you showed this mess to your astrologer, and his/her first response was "Wow! Transiting Neptune is trining your Saturn! Things are great!" then you've got yourself the wrong astrologer. That sort of transit doesn't usually make for a huge observable result in the face of this kind of astrological smackdown.

Again, as with the Britney Spears astrological situation, nothing too nasty is hitting Wal-Marts natal Moon... just yet... so I'm not sending out funeral notices... just yet.

Whether it's the flip flops or something else, it looks to me like Wal-Mart is in for some difficult corporate times. Here's what it looked like the last time the City Of Tokyo had transits like this, again because of a dangerous import:

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Neith said...

LOL!! I AM NOT a Walmart shopper . . . avoid the place like the plague. :-)

Thanks for keeping us all in stitches, Matthew. Even though the Vedic astrology stuff leaves me going "huh?!" :-)