Friday, September 7, 2007

Dear Virgo...

You know, Virgo, probably one of your greatest gifts is that people... often the right people... seem to be drawn to you when you're worried about stuff. It's that sweet little vaguely-worried look (kind of like a dachshund trying to fish a toy out from under the couch) that draws out the nurturing in others. And you certainly do worry a lot, my dear. I know you may not like that analogy, but face it: everyone loves wiener dogs. That perpetually worried look is half the reason. The other half is that they just don't seem to realize how adorable they are.

You may have heard about the September 11th eclipse coming up. September 11th could even be your birthday, and we all know how that particular date has been screwed up. Now you know how all those Capricorn kids felt getting screwed out of birthday presents at Christmas.

Everyone gets all panicky over eclipses. You've heard the stories about the ancients running outside and yelling at that dragon to stop eating the sun or the moon. Sensible thing that you are, I hope you keep this in mind. Sure, it's a lunar eclipse in your sign, Virgo... and yes, Saturn just rolled into your neighborhood. And Uranus opposes you, and Mars and Jupiter and Pluto are all squaring you. But I have nothing but the greatest confidence in you. You've survived worse, and did so in good form.

Astrologically, I've found that an eclipse has a diffuse effect spread out over the time between eclipses: in other words, the jack-in-the-box is unlikely to spring that day, but sensitizes that spot in the Zodiac, possibly contributing to other transits afterwards, or even beforehand.

Besides, another great gift you have is the gift of breaking it all down into manageable chunks and dealing with the crap life hands you. Relax. Enjoy. Breathe. It's gonna be all right, babe.

As for that Sagittarius who keeps flirting with you at work, and that Gemini who always talks to you in the elevator? Now those guys are gonna find this transit tricky. And you're good at the caring-and-consolation thing. Maybe that's why they keep flirting with you, despite being told by too many astrologers that you two would just never work out together.

So get ready to be (heavy sigh) of service again this September 11th. And if the Sagittarius gets there first, wear that little nurse's uniform you had on last Halloween. We Saggies love that stuff.

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Neith said...

And if the Sagittarius gets there first, wear that little nurse's uniform you had on last Halloween. We Saggies love that stuff.

ROFLMAO!!!!!!! :-D just keep 'em coming . . . whenever I need a good laugh, this is THE place to check out! Thanks!!