Monday, July 27, 2009

And Now... "Astrological Cliché Corner," Starring Morgan Freeman!

One of the great frustrations of being an astrologer, at times, is the way beginners can take a few basics and jump to conclusions based on them. Like for example:

  • Geminis are not afraid to make unconventional choices with their lives, and if that Sun is ruled by a Mercury in Taurus, they are often pleasure-centered choices.
  • People with Moon in Pisces tend to make unrealistic emotional choices.

Some other astrological clichés I hate? People with Venus in Aries make impulsive, poorly-thought-out love matches for themselves... especially when that Mercury is aspected by Uranus. Or another one: people with Mars in Scorpio have powerful sex drives that can lead them to unsuitable relationships. And any Vedic astrologer might point out that someone with Jupiter in Capricorn might be more prone that the average person to marry someone of a significantly different age... and then that astrologer would immediately point out that it isn't that simple, either.

Astrology, like life itself, is far more complex than that. Honestly: such generalizations do far more harm than good. And furthermore --

Dammit! Way to screw up my point, Morgan Freeman! Anyway... hope things work out with you and your 27 year old stepdaughter/fiancee E'Dina Hines.

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NR said...

Ha ha ha: Good post!

And that things about "Jupiter in Capricorn might be more prone that the average person to marry someone of a significantly different age," I know one example where that is indeed the case.

Irma Starling said...

Nice that you also like the paranormal. I'm a medium myself at

Astrology is one of my hobbies.

Lucy said...

That's so disgusting. Seriously.