Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Putting Transits Together: LeVar Burton's Car Crash

(LeVar Burton: born February 16, 1957, time unknown, Landstuhl, Germany)

-Transiting Jupiter and Neptune are conjunct your natal Sun, and transiting Mercury is quincunx your Sun.

"This is a time when you feel a little dreamy and expansive. Your mood and self-awareness will both be affected by this transit. However, make sure that you are paying attention to detail: your otherwise cheerful mood may affect your concentration."

-Transiting Mars is trine your natal Mercury, but quincunx your natal Neptune. Transiting Mars is also in trine to your natal Jupiter.

"Today you will feel bold and impulsive. However, be cautious: your thought processes and urges to daydream may distract you from mundane details. Overall, your mood will likely be positive, and rather than question it, you're more likely to go with that mood."

Translation: Hey, LeVar Burton! Careful with that left-hand turn...!


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