Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm Aries, And I Approved This Message

My opposing sign, Libra, would have you believe certain things about me that aren't true.

First of all, I am not "insensitive." I'm effective. Libra's approach is all peaceful and gentle and "whadda you think?" Well, let me tell you: that is no way to get things done. The world we live in today will leave that kind of thinking in the dust. Sitting around and fretting about things that could go wrong never solved anything, and waiting to reach a consensus about things that have gone wrong simply delays finding a solution.

Secondly, I may be "The Ram" but that doesn't mean I don't think things through. Not at all.

This entire campaign has been riddled with half-truths from the other side, and I say it's time to put that to rest. I've been leading this Zodiac since the beginning, and I've earned your vote to keep it that way. So vote for me and make it snappy: I'm in a hurry to win this thing and get on with business.

I'm Aries, and I approved this message.


angelineelise said...

Aries, can you really imagine sitting down through an entire congressional session....about things that don't involve you?

In the same seat.

Pay attention and recall facts at the end?

As much as I'd like to see someone murdered on CSPAN during a filibuster, I'm sure they won't pardon you.

I also heard the car they drive you around in during parades is REAALLLYYY slow.

Linda said...

HA! We Libras...

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Matthew The Astrologer said...

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