Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Secret Buddha Palm Technique Of Ultimate Astrology Mastery!

Okay, I admit it: I picked the title for this entry because it's a lot more exciting sounding than "Derivative Houses: An Under-appreciated Astrological Technique." But if you are learning astrology, the Derivative Houses Technique really is a great way to bring depth to your understanding of a birth chart.

"Derivative Houses" is a technique primarily used in horary astrology -- the art of interpreting a "birth chart" for the moment a question is asked in order to determine the answer. It's also useful in natal astrology.

Here's how it works:

The Third House of a birth chart represents siblings (among other things), the Seventh House represents your partner (among other things), and the Ninth House represents Higher Education (among other things). So... to oversimplify... someone with Uranus in the Third House, Mars in the Seventh, and Saturn in the Ninth might have an eccentric sister, athletic (or cranky) spouse, and trouble paying for (or completing) college.

Derivative Houses is a technique where the birth chart is "turned" so that the house ruling the subject in question becomes the First House. So, we turn the chart so that the Third House becomes the "First House."

Now, re-count those House numbers, starting with the new First House as "one." What used to be the Seventh House now becomes the Fifth House (the Seventh being five Houses away from the Third). There's Mars... and there's your eccentric sister's athletic son and/or romantic taste for jerks. Saturn, which was in your Ninth, is now your sister's Seventh... and sure enough, she ended up marrying one of those jerks she was attracted to and can't get rid of the guy.

Oh well. At least she got a future Olympian out of the deal.

Try playing with the concept yourself, with your own birth chart and those of people you know well. You may find that the Sixth House Neptune that's always messing with your immune system also explains why your sister (Third House) had a weirder relationship with your Mom than you did... the Sixth House being the Fourth House from the Third.

Your Third House Uranus is six houses (Sixth House: daily details and work habits) from your Tenth... which might explain why you're always having trouble with the software and procedures at work. And that Ninth House Saturn is the Twelfth House from the Tenth... so you might have a hard time getting work with the government.

Derivative Houses can add real depth to the interpretation of a birth chart, making you a better astrologer. Which, if you think about it, might be even better than being a Kung Fu master.

Well... it's safer, anyway.


Jeffrey Kishner said...

How about 2nd oldest sister of your 3rd husband? What house is that?

Matthew The Astrologer said...

Okay. (sigh)...

Borrowing a technique from Vedic, where the Fifth is your children, but the Seventh also rules your second child, the Ninth is your third child, et cetera...

3rd husband is the Third of the Third of the Seventh,(thus, the Eleventh) and the sibling of that person is therefore the Third of The Third of The Third of the Seventh. In other words, The First.

Which means of course that you ARE the second oldest sister of your third husband.

Man, astrology is weird... not to mention really awkward at family reunions.

Anonymous said...

S'plain to me how it works with other people's cats who will not stay away! :-)

Love "Flying Fists of Astrology" bit! LOL. You're fab.

Anonymous said...

Careful anonymous... you might find that the cat`s scratch is very sharp, if Mars is in the Seventh house of the owner.

Anonymous said...

where did u get that image from?
i know its from movie and i am trying to find the name of the movie but i cant?

Matthew The Astrologer said...

It's from the lovably shameless "Kung Fu Hustle."