Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beijing Olympics Astrology: An Update

(Click here for my original article on the Beijing Olympics chart and article)

I normally try not to comment on my personal state in this blog. But my transits today (Mars and Pluto messing with my Jupiter, the Moon entering my 8th House, Uranus opposing my natal Uranus, the Sun and Neptune both squaring my natal Neptune, and transiting Jupiter sneaking up on my natal Mars) have me feeling like an angry jerk. Allow me to demonstrate, for educational purposes...


Astrologers, in my experience, can be just a little more self-satisfied than the average person when they're right about something, and today I am no exception.

In my first article on the subject I said "So, my prediction? These Olympic Games could be the most entertaining yet. Not in the way sports fans would like it to be, though. But for jerks like me with a burn-on for totalitarian regimes? Oh yeah. There will be entertainment aplenty."

So what have we seen (once the smog cleared) so far?:

-Fake fireworks

-Fake singing

-Fake urban renewal

-Fake crowds (Think about that for a second. A fake crowd. In Beijing.)

-Fake dates of birth (apparently the Chinese Women's Gymnastics team fibbed about the age of at least one competitor to get an edge in the event. Glad I didn't bet any money based on those birth charts...)

-Bad sportsmanship and/or bad judging.

-a publicly drunk President Bush

-And at least one real moment of very real pain.

I mention these things only because I can't think of anything else to write, and I'm not sleeping worth a damn because transiting Mars is squaring my natal 12th House Jupiter (while Pluto opposes it)... and I'm trying to take some comfort in the thought that if I can't have what I want... I can at least be right about things.




LaVaughn said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello Master Matthew,

How wonderful to see you posting to this blog again. I am digging it.

I would like to suggest a coffee-table picture book of "Astro Monkey Says!" I'd buy a couple of copies. So why not check out for author-driven publishing? Hint. Hint.

Happy Partial Lunar Eclipse day to you and Asto Monkey.

Little Star said...

Yay! It would be such a good book! I want a copy too!
What does Astro Monkey think about the idea?

mdent said...

You Missed One........

Star Chinese dance injured in Opening Ceremony Rehearsal
August 14, 2008
By David Barboza
BEIJING: A talented, 26-year-old Chinese dancer was seriously injured during a rehearsal for the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games just 12 days before the show, and is now facing the prospect of being paralyzed for the rest of her life.
The performer, Liu Yan, considered one of the country's top classical Chinese dancers, was preparing the performance of a lifetime, dancing the only solo piece in a four-hour spectacular that was expected to be seen by a vast global audience.

But on July 27, during an evening rehearsal at Beijing's National Stadium, she leapt toward a platform that malfunctioned and then plunged about 10 feet into a shaft, landing on her back, according to family members.

She was rushed to a local military hospital and later underwent six hours of surgery, but had already sustained nerve and spinal damage. Her head was not badly injured, and she now has movement of her arms but no feeling below her chest and cannot move her lower body, she said in an interview from her hospital bed.

Doctors have told her family that it is unlikely that she will ever walk again.

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