Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is Paula Abdul About To Be Voted Off Of "American Idol"?

Paula Abdul (born June 19, 1962, 2:32 PM, San Fernando California) is reportedly "thrilled" at the hiring of Kara DioGuardi as a fourth judge for American Idol.

Is she really thrilled? Or rather... should she be?

I've never been a regular viewer of American Idol, but I've seen enough of it to know where the rumours come from that Paula often shows up drunk and/or stoned. Her comments and observations are often of the fuzzy, affectionate, incoherent kind one expects to hear from someone who enjoyed a Scotch and Oxycontin cocktail or two before showing up at the party. And it's more than a little suspicious that the Idol format everywhere else in the world seems to consist of three judges, not four. What will they do if there's a split decision?

I could see it if Kara DioGuardi were a major star before this... ratings are what drives this thing, after all... but seriously: did YOU have a Kara DioGuardi poster in your locker in high school? Had you even heard of her before this?

The new season of American Idol will begin in mid-January, when the transiting Sun will be squaring Paula's ascendant (public appearance), Mars will be approaching the opposition to her Midheaven (career), Jupiter will be opposing her Venus (which often stimulates the urge to drink and/or do drugs), and Saturn will be freshly entering the psychological funhouse of the 12th House (and rolling into square range of her natal Sun). For bonus points, the transiting North Node will be conjuncting her natal Saturn/South Node conjunction and squaring her natal Neptune. Note that natal Saturn-Neptune square: it's one of the things to watch out for in the chart of a drunk/addict.

So, Paula: things aren't looking all that brilliant for your future on American Idol. Sorry about that. It's a shame, really... I've always been a huge sucker for you. Drop by some time for a drink and we can discuss this.

You bring the pills.




Anonymous said...

"Note that natal Saturn-Neptune square: it's one of the things to watch out for in the chart of a drunk/addict."

Or a person, who has massive pains stemming from neck and back injuries, and therefore must take horrible pain medication of the sort that makes you a bit fuzzy up there. Don't think, she will start drinking, I have more fear that her latest neck surgery doesn't give her the desired relief.

Matthew The Astrologer said...

Excellent point, and thanks for filling me in. I'm still suspicious about the slurring, though...

Anonymous said...

I'm not, when I see, what the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke recommends for this particular pain disorder, of which she claims to suffer from:


The fear may be, that she may take it too far on the meds in the future or already doing it, but I don't believe, she's downing the drinks for the slurry speech.

(ps: I like your blog and read it on a regular basis, and am glad, you're back.)

Anonymous said...

Yep, Saturn-Neptune contacts are tough ones. Neptune is just so damn slick and tricky, isn't it? It can act as the oddest sort of paint stripper...leaving one with some strange results. Old social structures and people just sort of "dissolve" away. Weird thought patterns can seep in... and Neptune just silently works away at you in the background. If one does not choose the high road... watch out! :-)

So glad you are back Mister Matt! Missed you.