Friday, March 13, 2009

How To Tell If Your Boss Is A Dick: A True-Life Parable About Compatibility

Unfortunately, most people aren't able to select a job by compiling birth data for all their possible bosses and then choosing the best match. It's usually luck of the draw. But what if you could? Wouldn't it be nice to pick a boss as dedicated to the goal as you are?

Suppose you join the US military for any of the usual reasons: you want to serve your country, you're worried about your enemies, it's what Dad did, you can't afford an education on your own... whatever motivates you. It turns out you're pretty good at field operations and sneaking up on people and such, so you find yourself assigned to a special unit. Let's call it "JSOC"... Joint Special Operations Command. It has a nice Tom Clancy-ish ring to it.

You meet your new boss. He has Virgo rising, so you know he has good attention to detail. The ruler, Mercury, is in the 6th House in Aquarius... excellent attention to detail, and an ability to see "the big picture." And that Mercury is trine its own ruler, Uranus. Uranus in his birth chart is in the 9th House... higher mind and philosophical ideals. So this new boss of yours is obviously the kind of guy who can pick a goal and stick to it. And, since Uranus is involved, he isn't afraid to break a few rules to get what he wants.

On top of that, let's say you are also highly compatible with this new boss. With the right ideas and the right dedication, an employee-boss combo like that could achieve a lot of goals most others couldn't hope for. The world is yours!

I don't have any birth charts for any members of JSOC. I only have birth data for their boss, Richard "Dick" Cheney, former US Vice President. Dick was born January 30, 1941, at 7:30 PM in Lincoln, Nebraska. Almost every other astrology blogger on the Internet has been all over his chart for years now, so I'm not going to go into tremendous detail... just his qualities as a boss.

Dick had a lot of dedication to the cause (ruler of the 1st House in the 6th). Dick had the ability to find like-minded people (Ascendant ruler in Aquarius, trine its own ruler). Dick had a gift for staying loyal (6th House ruler in the 9th House).

Dick Cheney, it seems, also had a private Death Squad. It's called JSOC.

There aren't really any rulers of "good" or "evil" in a birth chart. You can tell how attached a person gets to their goals, and what kind of follow-through they have in achieving them, though.

Isn't working towards a common goal with a like-minded boss great?


Anonymous said...

I remember a certain hunting trip where he sort of shot a friend...

Ouch, quit it. Hmmmm....

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