Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Day Without An Octomom Update Is Like A Day Without Sunshine (Or Maybe A Day Without Diaper Rash)

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Sorry for the delay with Part Two of my Octomom series... I thought I was on a roll analyzing her birth chart, only to realize that every single new observation I made was based on house placements... which are almost certainly wrong in the chart I was looking at, which was for a noon birth. As of yet no official time of birth seems to be a matter of public record. The funny thing is... I didn't really stop to think about it until signs of her being a responsible parent began to show up.

As reported by, the domestic fitness of the Suleman residence has been questioned before, with no less than six child-related visits by the police in the last year... not counting two visits recently to shoo away the horde of reporters perpetually hovering around the house of late.

...and the octuplets haven't even moved in yet.

When I looked at the birth charts of Nadya's first six kids, I tried to steer the attention away from Mom and towards the individual kids. It turns out that may have been the right approach to take. Although I initially avoided too much discussion of Nadya's own birth chart because there wasn't a time of birth available, and the Wikipedia article on her still insists that her date of birth is, citing her divorce papers as a source... although I've squinted myself half to death staring at them and still don't see a date of birth for Nadya (Natalie?) Suleman-Doud-Gutierrez in there.

So although I believe the July 11 birth date is the correct one, I'll be cautious. And I'll keep fishing around for a time of birth for her.

In the meantime, try a delicious sample of choice reruns...


quin browne said...

i read the hospital is not sure they will release the babies to her

one can hope

Femscorpia said...

07/11/1975 is definitely her birthdate. She comes up in CA birth records as Natalie Suleman born in Orange County. I believe it has been reported that the city of her birth is Fullerton.

Nadia said...

I have been wondering about her natal chart too! It would surprise me if she were a Cancer Sun.