Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Virgo Full Moon News And Delusions

-World Astrology Day is March 15th, but I have decided to celebrate today. Why? Because today is the Full Moon in Virgo. I've known a lot of astrologers in my time, and almost all of them enjoy drinking (Sun in Pisces) and nitpicking (Moon in Virgo).

-The Chinese government (or at least Xinhua, the official news agency) apparently employs top-rate astrologers. How else could they predict "Lhasa peaceful and quiet on major Tibet anniversary" in an article written less than half way through the day?

-According to Forbes.com "31% [of Americans polled] told Harris interviewers they believed in astrology." This, according to Forbes, makes them "superstitious." Forbes is the publisher of Fortune and Business Week. Curiously, the article doesn't offer an opinion on how many of its readers are believers in the, um, science of Economics... or (based on Forbes investment advice in the last year) which soup lines those readers are standing in today.

-Finally, the Amazing Surprise Economic Turnaround Astrology Experiment, born in the wake of the Aquarius New Moon, is officially a big success and will continue. Have you tried it for yourself yet?

Now, today's choice Full Moon Fever rerun:

Moon In Cancer On The Ascendant: An Interview



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