Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nadya "Octomom" Suleman: The Birth Chart

At last, we have an official time of birth for Nadya Suleman... thank you, Femscorpia, wherever you are...

I've already had a look at how Nadya's chart interacts (or, more interestingly, doesn't interact) with the charts of her fourteen children in my previous entries on the matter. Now that we have a time of birth for Nadya, we can have a proper look at her birth chart. And again, my warning: everybody on Earth has heard her story by now, and has had a chance to pre-judge her and her situation. I'm going to do my level best to avoid that... but you've been warned.

First of all, her physical appearance: there have been a lot of rumors that Nadya has had plastic surgery. Although she denies it, a review of older pictures tends to support that notion. It should be noted though that she does have Aquarius rising, ruled by Uranus in the 8th House. This can make for... I don't want to say an "odd" appearance, but that's sometimes how it plays out. And her looks do have a certain... oddness... going for them, which could at least lead to accusations of plastic surgery. She has big dewy eyes, which is no less than what I would expect from someone who has a Moon/Venus conjunction aspecting the ascendant.

Nadya has Jupiter in Aries in the 2nd House... good luck with money. Aries is ruled by Mars, which is also in the 2nd House. That Mars is in Taurus, which is noted for its fondness for money and material possessions. It is, in turn, is ruled by Venus in the 7th House, conjunct the moon.

(Suddenly, her ability to talk someone she cares about out of the money for plastic surgery and unnecessary in vitro treatment makes perfect sense.)

This may explain the ease with which she dismissed the services of Angels In Waiting, the free nursing service who volunteered to help out with the octuplets. She accused them of "spying" on her... classic Cancer paranoia. Based on her birth data, I'd say Nadya has had no problem talking others out of their money in past, so probably isn't all that concerned about her ability to find different free help elsewhere. It's just a shame Dr. Phil ended up spending as much screen time as he did pitching his audience for donations to the organization. Or, maybe it isn't: there are probably another eight babies out there who need the free help at least as much as Nadya's kids do. Most young children in need can't rely on income from Mom's Media Circus.

The Fifth House (children) in Nadya's chart is where things really start to get interesting, as you might imagine. First of all, that's where the Sun -- the Ego -- resides in her chart. And it is conjunct Saturn (burdens and responsibilities). Saturn is debilitated in Cancer, being opposite the sign it rules (Capricorn).

At this point, it would be just too easy for me to say "This person places their ego-value in having children, but has a difficult time dealing with the practical burdens that come with it"... but that would be so cliché. And yet, there it is right in the birth chart.

In addition, there is the Moon conjunct Venus is in the 7th House (marriage and partnerships). The Moon-Venus conjunction brings a certain feminine sweetness with it. Undoubtedly (at least on the face of it) she comes across as "marriage material." And that 7th House conjunction is being squared by Neptune (delusion) in the 10th House (life goals), which is conjunct the Midheaven. And with transiting Neptune taking its time opposing that conjunction and the 7th House cusp, we should probably not be surprised that she isn't married.

Having said that, she's probably getting a lot of male attention from all the news coverage... just as serial killers always seem to get groupies once they are in prison. With all that Neptune happening, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if she did get married to someone in the next year or two... and that relationship is likely to fall apart not too long after that. Neptune transits like that are a great time to get foolishly married.

As with any birth chart, there's a lot of information here. But, even with my efforts to the contrary, there is a lot here to back the notion that Nadya Suleman is an attention seeker who uses her children to get it... and uses other people's money to get and keep those kids.


cari said...

Excellent thanks

Anonymous said...

Where does Gloria Allred fit into the picture?

Matthew The Astrologer said...

Gloria Allred fits in where Gloria Allred ALWAYS fits in... front and center with news cameras soaking up every second. :)

Anonymous said...

Remember the days (1970's) when we used to talk about world population issues? This gal represents one of the extreme manifestations of procreation but people still continue to have way too many kids.

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