Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nadya Suleman And Her Children, Part Two: The Final Conflict

At long last... the final entry in my exhaustive (and exhausting) look at The Astrology of Octomom Nadya Suleman and her children. I've look at the charts of a lot of newborns for their mothers before, but I find I'm thankful that this particular clown car of kids didn't arrive at my door for a reading.

Individually, the octuplet's charts have some interesting features. Given the time of birth, the first has 29 degrees Aries rising, and the last has 0 degrees Taurus rising. As you can imagine, the charts are otherwise pretty much identical.

(There are certain Vedic techniques that can tease out more individual differences between the kids, but let's be honest: if you don't even have your first tooth yet, it isn't time to start worrying about subtleties like that.)

Sun/Moon/Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron/North Node in Aquarius, all disposited by a 12th House Uranus in Pisces, certainly seems to reflect the unusual nature of their entry into the world. And (all else being equal) Mars culminating would likely indicate reasonable health in the long run... which is a good thing when you grow up with seven womb-mates. Hopefully it's enough to balance out the health quirks that could come with having Saturn retrograde in the 6th, tightly opposed by Uranus. Hopefully. Then again, I strongly suspect that those practitioners specializing in Medical Astrology would accuse me of being too optimistic... and they might be right.

Another astrologer elsewhere has commented on the Aquarius stellium and noted that Aquarians like to work together in groups. But -- based on the assumption that these kids won't be able to raise themselves (imagine a tribe of baby Tarzans without apes around to help them) -- we should look at how Mom's birth chart interacts with theirs. And when we do, we see --

(A word of warning: Observer Bias is a hazard in any field of endeavor. If a client comes to you for a reading wondering if he/she is ever going to get married, and your first thought is "My God, you smell bad," then you are much more likely to overlook all the potential positives and dig up obscure aspects and asteroids with silly names and unproven techniques to back your contention -- conscious or otherwise -- that the client smells too bad for anyone to get close to, let alone marry. I am doing my best to factor out the pure craziness (in my opinion) of this whole situation.)

-- the interactions between Nadya and the octuplet's charts are troubling. or perhaps more accurately... the lack of interaction is troubling.

The octuplet's Suns are trined by Mom's Pluto... technically a positive aspect, but still not necessarily a comfortable aspect for a developing child. Nadya's Mars squares their Sun within half a degree. There are no aspects from Mom's chart to their Moons... except for a sextile from her Neptune and a weak trine from Pluto.

The Outer Planets are certainly powerful, but when you see a parent-child interaction based largely on Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto... it's time to worry a little.

Although there are other positives in the interaction... Mom's Sun-Saturn conjunction trines their Venus-Uranus conjunctions... overall, I'm just not seeing the same kind of "cosmic glue" between the charts I'd normally see, or like to see, in a mother-child comparison.

It's almost as if Nadya Suleman is the package the children arrived in... and not really their "mother" at all. Perhaps, in future, that will be exactly the case.


Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to look at surrogate mother's charts and even mum's charts who plan to surrender their babies for adoption.

Are these kids "agents of universe" so we all collectively reassess parent/child, doctor/patient responsibilities (Pluto in Capricorn)? It certainly has opened up a can of worms.

Procreation just ain't what it use to be!

Anonymous said...

Like the first poster, I too was wondering if there had ever been a workup of an adopted child, the adopted parents and the birth parents (or at least mother). I wouldn't be surprised if the lack of aspects in this case don't forshadow that she won't be raising these children.

ragdoll said...

Pluto aspects can be hard to deal with in a mother/child relationship and so can the lack of aspects. I grew up with a mother whose chart makes very few aspects to mine. Her Pluto-moon opposition falls exacatly on my Uranus-Chiron opposition but that´s about it. The only kind of relationship between us I remember is me constantly trying to break free of her trying to control me and her constant critisism. I felt entrapped and not allowed to be myself. There was never any feeling of emotional closeness or love and when I moved out of my parent´s house, I felt nothing but relief.

Femscorpia said...

Nadya's time of birth is 9:59 pm. I have BC in hand.

Matthew The Astrologer said...

Hot damn, Femscorpia! Where did you find it?

Femscorpia said...

It took me a little bit to find her on the CA birth records because her first name on the certificate is Natalie rather than Nadya. I got that from where I do genealogy research. Then I just ordered it. It's easy to get CA birth certificates. I've gotten quite of few from there for different people.