Thursday, June 18, 2009

If Letterman Was An Astrologer: Some Jokes About Sarah Palin's Birth Chart

And now, a few reasonably tasteless Sarah Palin jokes, based on her birth chart:


"We still don't have an official time of birth for Sarah Palin, so we can't exactly be sure what she has rising -- other than a few hillbilly libidos."

"Most people who shoot wolves would do it from the ground... Sarah Palin shoots hers from a helicopter. Of course, we all know how stand-offish Mars in Aquarius can be."

"Sarah Palin has a Mars/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. These people are often drawn to ideas or people from another era. Speaking of which, I hear John McCain is going to run again..."

"Governor Palin has a Jupiter/Neptune quincunx. Some sources say this connection makes her idealistic but impractical. It's sort of a 'Bridge To Nowhere'..."

"Transiting Neptune is currently conjuncting Sarah's Sun, which could tend to make her take foolish offense at the wrong things. In a related development... I wonder who's conjuncting Bristol these days...?"


Amy Herring said...

DAMN! Snap! You're funny :)

Donna Cunningham said...

That's absolutely hilarious, Matthew! A breath of irreverent fresh air amongst this Saturn-in-Virgo inspired constipated political correctness. Does it say anywhere in the chart that she was born without a sense of humor about herself? (PS, maybe it's a momentary malfunction, but the chart itself may need reloading, as it was exed out. Or whatever that block at the top of the post was.)