Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson And The Astrology Of Death

Most astrologers will tell you that it's a bad idea to look at such notions as death in a birth chart. And those astrologers make some excellent points. Then again, that's never stopped me from looking at the issue, such as with my blog entries about Natasha Richardson and Isaac Hayes, especially when their transits show such classic signs.

(This of course is also my chance to gently cajole you, if you are a professional astrologer yourself and not afraid of hard technicalities, to buy and absorb "The Astrology Of Death," written by the late great Richard "I died when I said I would" Houck.)

Word has just arrived about the death of pop hypermegastar/possible child molester/uber-weirdo Michael Jackson of a heart attack today in Los Angeles. And even at a cursory glance, there are some very distinct signs that, if MJ had consulted a knowledgeable astrologer, a warning could have been delivered. How much good that warning would have done, however, is another question...

Before we get into the details, a warning: the time of birth I'm using is from a generally-accepted rectification. One always needs to be cautious with these things, but from what I can see (and what I know about Michael Jackson) it looks accurate.

The big warning signs I'm seeing:

-Saturn opposing the natal Moon and squaring natal Saturn: never a good time. I know Jackson had recently announced a tour to help pay some bills, and I personally always thought he hated the idea. That's the sort of thing that is hard on a heart... both the situation, and the Saturn transit.

-The two pre-natal eclipse points (PNEs) in MJ's birth chart are at 3'26" Libra and 17'30" Aries. PNE's in a birth chart are easy to forget to look at, even for a thorough astrologer, but they have their place, especially in matters of death. Were there any aspects by transit to those points at time of death?
  • The last lunar eclipse (and Pluto) both closely squared the Libra point.
  • As of the eclipse, transiting Saturn quincunxed the Aries PNE, and Venus and Mars semi-sextiled it. Either one of these (relatively minor) aspects might not have grabbed my attention individually, but together they seem to demand attention.
Finally, the most telling aspects are complex and difficult to explain here (actually they aren't but it would take a book. And that book would be "The Astrology Of Death" by Richard Houck. Have I mentioned that book yet?) but if you like you can work out this Astrology Of Death technique for yourself.

1) Convert the chart to Vedic (Sidereal, whole-sign houses.)
2) Note the rulers of the 2nd and 7th Houses... in MJ's case, Venus and Mars (again: rectification warning here!)
3) Check the transits to those planets by both transiting planets and planets transiting those points by Tertiary Progression (not secondary progression).

Let me tell you... in Michael Jackson's case, the results are pretty spooky. Don't take my word for it: work it out for yourself.

Also, if you love someone... maybe now would be a good idea to let them know.

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Anonymous said...

I love you Matt! I love you universe! You know, I'm supposed to die in my sleep or during sex...

Matthew The Astrologer said...

As long as it isn't having sex WHILE you're asleep... you're doing something right.

christy said...

Thank you for your interpretation someone very new to Astrology, I want to work out what you are talking about at the end of what you were saying in regard to the details of Michael's Death Chart being quite spooky but I don't know where to start! Any clues you can give me?

Matthew The Astrologer said...

If you're new to astrology, working out a death may not be the place to start. But since you're so enthusiastic... look at the progressed positions of Venus and Mars relative to those eclipse points. Also, look at the Vedic dasa and bhuktis (major life periods) which are ruled by various planets... like, say... Venus and Mars. Just sayin'. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Matthew,

I'm also a fan of Houck's work.

I'm using 7.30 pm for MJ, the time is what MJ himself mentioned to a Vedic astrologer he visited fairly recently who is a friend of a friend. No guarantee that it's correct of course, but it is likely more reliable than most rectifications.