Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Gemini Lesson, Presented In T-Shirt Form

I've spent a lot of time wandering around outside this weekend, due to a combination of excellent weather and restlessness, and for most of that time I've worn the same t-shirt. It's easily my finest German Industrial Metal t-shirt, featuring KMFDM'S "Godlike" (as shown above). And on the back, in big white letters, it says "I WILL PRAY!"

Canadians, being a fairly friendly lot, have been saying "hi" to me on the street a little more than usual. And often their reactions to me seem to be based on whether they approach me from the front or the back. People approaching me from the front seem to be commenting to me based on the assumption that I'm some sort of head-banging troublemaker with a taste for agitated music and social commentary. Those who approach me from behind (and who are confronted with "I WILL PRAY!") seem to be the more Spiritual/New Age-y/Good Christian Folks who assume that I am a fellow traveller in the ways of the Spirit. Those who approach me from the side just see the length of my hair, assume I'm some sort of hippie, and ask me if I know where I can buy some weed.

None of these people, of course, realize I am all of those things and more. If you find yourself really drawn to one of those things, you'd risk being tripped up and disappointed when you discovered one of those other sides.

I suspect there's a lesson about Geminis in all this, somehow.

Anyway, back to my weekend. For your enlightenment and entertainment, here are my Gemini files. Enjoy 'em twice!


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*Star* said...

*tripped up and disappointed when you discovered one of those other sides*...

The huge labyrinth of one´s soul is designed with different shapes, shadows, figures, colors, light and darkness, strange and unusual features. And THAT is the interesting part. The complex mix, the beautiful deptht, the infinite possibilities. How can anyone be disappointed?