Monday, March 5, 2007

The Astrological Recession Buster!

Welcome, Sasstrology readers! I'm Matthew Currie, and I'm the astrologer who writes "The Daily Sky."

I'm going to be selling three-month customized forecasts PLUS a detailed Personality Profile PLUS my notes on them for the outrageously low fire-sale price of ten bucks.

Plus: when you send me your birth data, you'll receive a special bonus surprise that will make it worth your while!

Yes, really.

So, whether your a man or a woman, boy or girl...

Aries: It's fast!
Taurus: It's on sale!
Gemini: It's two things, not one!
Cancer: It's safe!
Leo: It's about you!
Virgo: It's accurate!
Libra: You look great today!
Scorpio: It's intense!
Sagittarius: Why not?
Capricorn: It's in black and white!
Aquarius: It's unique!
Pisces: It's good karma to support astrology!

Also... there's an experimental part to this offer... one so radical I don't dare mention it here. Try it and you'll see. There's no obligation when you click below and send me your date, time, and city of birth. So... why not?

(If for some reason the link doesn't work, the e-mail address is

Also, once you've done that, feel free to have a look around my blog. And feel free to feed the monkey...