Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How To Seduce A Scorpio Man

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If you read the quick and easy guides to the Sun Signs you find at any typical supermarket check-out, you might get the impression that the best and easiest way to get a Scorpio man into the sack is to tell him in detail about your bondage gear, your prehensile tongue, or that drunken experimentation you did with your college room-mate.

Nonsense. Sure, Scorpios like sex, but they are subtle creatures too.

Here's how to bag that scorpion: Proceed in the same way you would with anyone else. Let's say a nice dinner over lobster and wine... or tacos and mini-golf. It doesn't matter.

The one thing you should do to handle him slightly differently than other guys? Make sure your bra strap peeks out. Or... if conditions permit... a thong strap. But not both.

Preferably this strap should be red, or black, or some girly color. Or maybe a nice floral lace pattern. The point is to subtly draw attention to something that (theoretically) should not be visible. Don't make a big deal out of it.

Watch his eyes and see how long it takes him to notice this. Of course, if he is locked into making eye contact with you, you probably don't need my help. The second time you catch him glancing at your peek-a-boo lingerie show, subtly carry on with your conversation as you poke it back into place. A few minutes later, move your shoulder enough to let it pop out again. Don't repeat this too many times... two or three times should be more than enough.

The point here is to let him know that you are a woman, and that there is more going on beneath the surface. Something that maybe you'd normally hide, but you are comfortable enough with him that you don't mind him knowing it. That, and there are only a few millimeters of fabric between him and The Promised Land. And if he plays his cards right, you'll give him a guided tour. What you do with him after this is entirely up to you. He'll think that's all up to him... but of course, you and I know better.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, I used your advice last night. Out for a drink with friends, including my year long scorpio crush and his new gal (I know, I know. But I have a Venus Aries opposing a Libra Pluto, so it will never happen anyway, right?) To continue, I made a point of sitting in the corner underneath this enormous wooden ship's figurehead, basically a nude mermaid with enormous...you know.
He gave me a rather voracious staggering hug at the end of the evening...so I think it worked.

do pheromones work said...

Glad I saw this post! I admire one of my Scorpio friend and I really like him. I will try your tips and see how it will work out. Thanks for sharing.


Matthew The Astrologer said...

The first episode of "Conquer The Universe With Astrology: The Radio Show" begins August 19th! There will be lots of practical tips, like, um... how to go around seducing people and stuff with astrology. ;)

Subscribe to this blog for further details... or find me on Twitter (@MatthewCurrie) or on Facebook! Hope to see you all there!

Matthew The Astrologer said...

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nitin said...

Hii matthew I m 23 , scorpio male,
whatever u written here fits in, it matches my characteristics.

I like this line
"The point here is to let him know that you are a woman"

Anonymous said...

I am checking back in to laugh and say that the peeking bra "trick" WORKED! I'm friends with a Scorpio who never acted as more than a friend until two weeks ago when I wore a basic tank top and let my new lacy yellow bra peek out a few times in the front and I saw his eyes darting over for glimpses through out the evening, but nothing overly obvious. Since then he makes it a point to find reasons to give me hugs and flirt with me.

I usually take the above "advice" with a grain of salt but you were right on the money this time!

Anonymous said...

Hi.i need serious help.im a scorpio girl and basicaly had a one night stand with a scorp guy 4 or 5 days ago.we never looked at eachother in that kind of way,cause we grew up together,but we never did the whole sex thingy(call it 4play).he orded us to finish what we have started,after he brought me home,but never spoke to me on facebook again after that morning.we had fun and he has a girlfriend,but he seems like the perfect match for me.great personality!and i think it was love at first kiss(from my side)i dont know should i contact him,dont even know what to say.i need tips how to make him totaly mine.for him to love me and want to do me everytime.BUT...how?oh and his girl looks rediculous,sorry 4 that.

Matthew The Astrologer said...

Send me an email.... astrologyshow at gmail dot com... or find me on Facebook. We'll talk.

Anonymous said...

How would you deal with a scorpio guy at work that you like and you know he likes you but for the past 2 months you just don't talk at all.

He's younger than me, and stated clearly that he doesn't date at work, but parades around with another girl at work right in front of me which annoys the living bejaysus out of me.

I'm a Libra, I don't want my balanced scales getting all un-even through this guy.

Any advise, should I just keep ignoring me like he's been ignoring me or address this issue?


Unknown said...

i am seriously having a problem with my scorpio man. we were 7 years living in together but my problem is he doesnt love me anymore and he tells me straight how he feels and it really hurts. how i can make him fall inlove with me again like the old days that were still happy and he's so much inlove with me. please help! its getting worst and worst each day...thank you!

Matthew The Astrologer said...

Send me an e-mail. We'll talk.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm an Aquarius and I know we're not suppose to mesh with scorpios but I really like this scorpio guy but I can't tell if he's talking to me with sole purposes of going to bed or if he's genuinely interested...which I know a scorpios sex drive but how do I get him to like me other than sex and we've never had sex by the way only flirty convos about it...any advice would be helpful