Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cancer: Your Next Year, In Bite-Sized Pieces

One thing that all Crabs (astrological Cancers or the seafood type of crab) know deep in their hearts is that someone, somewhere out there knows how great it would be to bust them wide open and eat them with melted butter. The big news for you this year, Cancer, is that Pluto is moving into your Seventh House, which rules marriage, partnerships, and close relationships. This means that someone may very well be cracking you open and prying out the meat in the next year. At least it may seem that way.

Think about the Geminis you know. They've spent the last few years going through this transit. Yes, undoubtedly things have been rocky for them at times... but for the most part, the process has likely been at least partly constructive. And again, it doesn't have to be all gloom and doom. Cancer has a bit of a reputation for enjoying doom and gloom. They don't. They just seem to get more than their fair share of it. It must be that thick shell of yours. Everyone assumes you can just take it.

Meanwhile, the Moon's North Node will be passing through Pisces -- your Ninth House of spirituality and the higher mind. If your love life gets strange this year, try focusing on personal development. You may find opportunities opening up in this regard that have been delayed or that you've put off. You could always take some college courses as a distraction from the relationship drama. Or go hide in a church.

Also, Saturn will be leaving Leo and entering Virgo. That means that, all else being equal, the next year is likely to be much less of a financial strain on you than the last couple of years have been.

August and September look to be good for developing a new relationship if you haven't already got one. If you already do... it'll be a good time to perform some relationship maintenance.
October and November may bring issues revolving around your home life. If you're planning a move or home purchase around then, be particularly cautious.

December and January will be a good time to do some overall relationship maintenance.

You like sex, right? We all do. Scorpio may have the reputation for being the Love Muffin of the Zodiac, but a Cancer (on a good day) can out-... um, shine anyone. February and March upcoming, plan on calling in sick to work a lot. I say "calling in sick" because calling in "sore and exhausted" is unlikely to impress your boss.

In April and May conditions will be excellent to make improvements in your work situation, whether we're talking about getting a raise or promotion, or finding something new.

Things are likely to take a turn for the romantic in May and June. And why not? You've earned it. Finally, June, July and August will likely see a lightening-up of the relationship situation I started out talking about.

In the meantime, steer clear of the melted butter and everything ought to be just fine...


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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Some Advice On Sun-Sign Compatibility

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

There's Love In The Stars, And A Chainsaw In The Trunk

Capricorn: Today an attractive stranger will see you in a coffee shop. He will invite you out to dinner, and then for a romantic evening at his secluded cabin in the woods. You will forget to tell anyone where you are going.

You will never be seen again.