Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend Astro-Weather, June 1-2

The Sun at 11-12 degrees Gemini is rolling into position to oppose Jupiter and square Uranus. Both are relatively slow planets, so the effects are likely to be in areas of your life where issues have been building for a while.

If there's a particular emphasis on Fire signs in your chart, we could be talking about good times indeed. If there's an emphasis on Virgo or Pisces in your chart, we could be talking about an explosion. Quite possibly, a very pleasant explosion. I'd be willing to bet it's an explosion of the romantic variety...

Starting this weekend, and carrying on on throughout the next week, keep a close eye on things if you have any issues with blood sugar or liver function.

PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION if your birthday is March 6-11, June 5-12, September 8-13, or December 5-12.


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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Everybody Likes Free Stuff!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Year's Worth Of Gemini (Please Read Twice)

Isn't it great being a Gemini? All that charm, that mental flexiblity, that ability to see both sides of the issue... you are the wonders of the Zodiac. Take a bow.

Of course, you probably knew that the Universe didn't hand you a V8 Twin with dual exhaust just so you can sit in the driveway. The last few years have likely been crazy times in your love life, and in your closest relationships in general. It's probably been all racetrack, no finish line for you. The good news here is that Pluto -- the planet that most enjoys testing your nerves -- is finally moving out of Sagittarius this January, which is your Seventh House of close relationships...

(Be a dear and phone ahead and warn Cancer, would you?)

...and into your Eight House, which rules (among other things) sex and Other People's Money. I know you didn't want to hear that, but the truth is that it's time for some real changes. Think back to the last three or four years of your relationships. What have you learned? What have you endured? Likely a lot in both cases. Being aware of this will give you the perspective to handle the upcoming period of changes with the flexibility we've come to expect from you. The fluctuations really start hitting in January and February, and (as fluctuations go) it's likely to have a good feeling, at least at first. Just remember: whether it's an investment plan or a bedmate we're talking about, take the time to read the fine print... otherwise you'll find yourself wondering what the hell you've signed yourself up for, come April and May.

If it's new romance you're looking for, get ready to put the moves on someone next March and April.

Most Geminis need to keep an eye on some solid, old-fashioned, boring details... eating properly, getting enough rest, and that sort of thing. I know that doesn't sound very exciting, but be particularly cautious around those details of daily living in June and July. I know you like overtaxing yourself... just be careful. You've probably let a few departments of your life slide this spring, and when the inspiration comes to tackle these things you might be at risk of burn-out. December is also traditionally "party season," and no party is complete without a few Geminis around. But all my naggy warnings about routine, being careful, et cetera are doubled for the second half of December. In your case, that means I've warned you four times... which is probably enough. Maybe.

Oh, never mind. I forgot who I was talking to there, for a minute. Just go have a good time, let the Capricorns do the driving for you, and Merry Hangover!

September looks to be a fantastic time to get your thoughts and feelings out in a more organized, effective form.

The ongoing work/career uncertainty is likely to be ongoing throughout the year. My advice? Warm up the resume and start sending it out in November and December. Most experts would tell you those are weak times to be looking for a job. I say: you're a Gemini. You can be your OWN expert if you put your mind to it. If you are looking for a more creative endeavour, or plan on going out on a limb and shooting for self-employment, make the effort in February and March.

I know better than to tell you (or any Gemini) what to do with your life. Just sit back, take in everything I've said, and let it all percolate. Then you can re-word it how you like and take full credit for the profound insights yourself. And, of course, I'll let you away with it. I'm such a sucker for that eye-batting Gemini charm...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Weekend Astro-Weather, May 12-13

That loud twanging noise you're going to hear Friday evening and Saturday is the sound of a waning Moon in Pisces tripping over the North Node, Uranus, and Mars all in short order... squaring Jupiter at first and finishing off with a square to Pluto.

Put another way, excess and a change of pace could lead to explosive results. "Explosive results" are exactly what's called for if you have any emotional mountains to move. Of course, if you don't... you might want to think about just staying home and renting a DVD. Otherwise, someone might try to move your mountain for you. Who wants to do that much heavy lifting on the weekend if you don't have to?

Speaking of "heavy lifting", this particular combination can be bad for sprains and muscle strains. Remember: lift from the knees...

This advice particularly applies if you have any major placements near the end of the mutable signs, and/or if your birth day is March 17-22, June 18-23, September 19-24, or December 18-23.

If you don't know the details of your birth chart, ask an astrologer.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Weekend Astro-Weather, May 5-6

This weekend Venus is making its last stand at the tail end of Gemini, and the transiting Moon makes the opposition Saturday evening, and soon thereafter rolls over Pluto. If you have any significant placements in the last degrees of the mutable signs or first degrees of the cardinal signs. This could make for all kinds of romantic excitement. PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION if your birthday is March 15-20, June 19-24, September 18-23, or December 17-22.

Also, the ongoing Mars/Uranus conjunction in Pisces, quincunxed by Saturn in Leo, can be a particular hazard for those of you with blood pressure and circulatory issues, particularly Saturday during the day when the transiting moon sets off the entire alignment.

And by the way, Monday looks like an excellent time to be a Capricorn. Try to be one, or borrow one from a friend...

If you don't know the details of your birth chart, ask an astrologer.