Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valoween: A Very Pluto Valentine's Day

First, please read this bit of foolery from that other blog I do sometimes.

Now: there is absolutely nothing cuddly at all about today's Valentine's Day chart. If anything I think a lot of you out there, on one level or another, are likely to have a weird sense around today's traditional card and small gift/lack of card and/or lack of small gift (check whichever applies).

Maybe it's just Pluto, freshly into Capricorn. I've deliberately avoided reading anyone else's commentary on it, so forgive me if I've missed the consensus (if any) on the years we face ahead. I could say at this point "I think it has something to do with personal relationships" and that would be waaay too lame and vague. But I do think that is part of it, and I can't help but notice that on Valetine's Day today, Pluto stands on the threshold of new territory, with only a weak trine from Saturn to encourage it along.

Saturn, retrograde, in Virgo... grinding closer to the exact trine with Pluto. Picture an old man behind the wheel of a large car, backing into a tight parking space in a busy mall parking lot on Saturday. Kid's Day. And some of the kids are wearing explosives because it's also "International Revolutionary Appreciation Day" with the Sun and Neptune and the North Node all piled up in Aquarius.

You know something's gonna happen.

Besides... the bad days are just potholes on the road to where you're supposed to be... and that's probably a happier, saner place than you may have imagined. Maybe even today.