Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Astrological State Of The Union: Listen LIVE!

My fellow Astrology people... the State Of The Union is strong!

(wild applause)

It is true that we face some distinct challenges, but we have always risen above them! Always

(More wild applause)

Yes, Uranus is still at the tail end of Pisces, and that is making for gigantic karmic difficulties. We can face this and triumph!

(Less enthusiastic applause)

And yes, the Presidential State Of The Union address starts under a void-of-course moon, which is not a great indicator the productivity of the government in the next year. That's okay. We can do this people if we stick together!

(Muted applause)

Even though Saturn turns retrograde tonight, we have nothing to fear!

(Dead silence)


Hey, forget about what President Obama or Paul Ryan or Michelle Bachmann or anyone else has to say tonight... there will be hours and hours of commentary afterwards explaining (and mis-explaining ) things to you. If you want to know what's really coming up for you... join me and my guest Christopher Witecki by clicking on the link below!

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