Monday, May 20, 2013

The Summer Lovin' Astrology Special!

I really like Aliza from She's got Cancer Sun caring and Moon Pluto x-ray vision. Her style is like a comforting bowl of chicken soup... with a matzah ball of practical wisdom. She also reads Tarot!

Me? I like to get a birth chart and break it down like a mechanic, find out where that clunking noise is coming from, and get you back on the road... so to speak. Sure, I have a spiritual approach to life, but at heart I guess I just like fixing things.

Aliza and I have our own very different approaches, but ultimately we seem to be looking at the same picture, even if we describe it differently. And, let's be honest here: if you can't see a relationship from more than just one side... you aren't really seeing the relationship.

That's why Aliza and I have decided to pool our resources on a special, limited-time offer that we like to call

THE SUMMER LOVIN' SPECIAL: Seeing Love From Both Sides

You get two readings about your love life from two different perspectives for one great price!

-If you are in a relationship and it's going well

Why not make it a little better? We'll give you tips and timing based on your birth chart (and your partner's chart) to maximize romantic potential, how and when to avoid the rough spots, and how you can make a good thing even better!

-If you're in a relationship and it's NOT going so well

Maybe you need an outside perspective... or two. What attracts people can often go astray, or other factors can interfere with a situation that once worked more smoothly. Can it be fixed? What should I be doing? What can I learn from this? We'll give you answers!

-If you're not even sure it's a "relationship" at all

Few things in life can cause more confusion than really, honestly not knowing what the hell is going on in the head and/or heart of someone you care about. Let's all have a look together and see if we can make sense of it together.

-If you don't have a relationship but want one

Well then... step right up! We'll tell you how to maximize your appeal, how and why to improve your chances (and the quality of the candidates!), and give you your best timing to make something happen... or to let something find you.

Two thirty-minute consultations from two astrologers, by phone or e-mail, for just $90!

Write today for details!

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