Thursday, August 1, 2013

The August Astrology Special: Fixed Star Mania!

One of the great things about getting a reading from an astrologer is that there is so much ground to cover, an hour simply doesn't get it all. We can cover the basics, of course... depending on what your basics are: your personality, your future, your relationships, your career... but there's always more.

That's why for the month of August, with all my full readings (at no extra charge) I'll also be providing a separate written report on The Fixed Stars in your birth chart, and how they affect you and make you the unique individual that you are. In fact, they will be the subject of an upcoming online course I'll be teaching... just like the Venus and Mars course that I'm wrapping up now with Aliza from

The online course been a huge hit... so much so that we'll be doing it again in mid-August with Jupiter and Saturn as our subject matter... both in your birth chart and by transit. Get up close and personal with your Saturn Return!

...And as if that weren't reason enough for excitement, next week "Love And Sex In The Stars" returns to!

More on readings HERE. Special Summer Rates still apply!

Write me for information on a reading today, or for information on the upcoming Jupiter and Saturn course!

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