Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Economics: Saturn And Uranus Separate The Wheat From Donald Trump's Chaff

First, today's choice reruns... um, I mean, "MTA Classics!"

True Tales Of Teen Heartbreak: The Libra Guide To Compatibility

CSI: Romance - The Scorpio Guide To Compatibility

Second, a word on the current "economic crisis":

Donald Trump's (born June 14, 1946, 9:51 AM, Queens, New York) three Atlantic City casinos are filing for bankruptcy. And what's more... this is the third time his casinos have filed for bankruptcy. That's right: the third time. Anyone who knows anything about probability and statistics will tell you that it takes a special kind of short-sightedness for a casino to go broke even once. But three times?

Transiting Saturn and Uranus have been squaring Donald Trump's natal Sun, North Node, and Uranus for some time now, so in some ways we should probably be mildly surprised things haven't been worse. The Sun is the ruler of his Ascendant (public image), and Uranus is the ruler of Trump's Seventh House, so I'm willing to bet things stink on the domestic front for him of late as well. Wait... is Donald Trump married this week? I can never keep track.

Donald Trump is, in many ways, the living symbol of how Western Capitalism has operated for the last 20 years. For those of you without a degree in Economics, let me save you a couple of years worth of studying:

1) Find a farmer who's in economic trouble.
2) Wait until he's desperate and buy his cow at a discount.
3) Grind the cow into hot dogs
4) Stamp your brand name on the hot dogs and resell them for ten times the price per pound of an actual cow.
5) Retire and/or get fired, take a huge "golden parachute" settlement, and skip town before the salmonella and malnutrition breaks out.

About ten percent of the United States GDP is in Banking and Economic Services. In other words, one tenth of the beans go to bean counters, who eat half and then plant the other half. And the last few years the banks have overeaten, and planted what was left over in the sand. Much of the rest of the economy is a matter of buying and reselling, and nothing of real value is actually produced. The bean counters have done well by it, though.

Of course, you and I are stuck cleaning up the mess. We can't get angry with Trump and Company any more than we can truly be angry with the rabbits who discovered a biological niche and spread all over Australia. Australia, of course, has a different opinion on the matter.

So, in light of current trends and fears (which I don't think will turn out as badly as many think), I've tinkered with my own price structure. I am now making detailed six-month personal economic and romantic forecasts available at a discount... all of the detail of a regular full-blown consultation, but focused on the area you need it most. Write me for more details.

And I'll put my track record up against Donald Trump's, or any economists, any day.

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