Monday, October 8, 2007

Thank You

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving, which means I have several hundred metric tons of potatoes to mash. One thought, though: clients ask me a lot about "love," specifically things like "Yes, but does he love me?" or "Is he my soulmate?"

This is often a much more ephemeral question than anyone realizes until someone asks it.

All I know is that sometimes life throws strange, unexpected, and beautiful things at us, and we are fools if we don't stop and listen.

I am thankful for those moments.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing that beautiful music, which sent me on a King Crimson hunt throughout YouTube. :)

Hope you enjoyed the potatoes (and everything else).

Anonymous said...

Nevertheless,when life throws us shit we go inside black holes that we digg a little bit more everyday. Sadly for the soulmates, (even if they really are our true soulmates) we will not stop and listen. We just can´t. There is nothing inside a black hole so that´d be impossible to do.

And somehow, strange as it seems, we should still say thank you. For life will not throw us shit forever, and will throw us something different...maybe mashed potatoes, maybe just a rope and a lantern to get out of our comfy black holes.