Thursday, September 25, 2008

An Open Letter To Mercury Retrograde

Dear Mercury:

I'd like to start out by quoting a previous blog entry of mine on the subject of your retrogrades:

"At most, I've found that Mercury going retrograde is just a matter of the straw that breaks the camel's back. Or the wrong word that sets off the brawl that had been building for months. Or the cheque being lost in the mail that should have paid the power bill three months ago. Or, in my case... waiting until today to install the new Vedic software I bought months ago that now, mysteriously, doesn't speak either English or Windows."

As you may recall, that retrograde of yours turned out to be... well, kind of crappy for Mercury-ruled matters for me. I found myself wondering about your possible role as a Trickster. After all, your placement in a birth chart is (forgive me) easy to ignore. You don't really have the sex, drugs, and rock and roll reputations that, say, Mars, Neptune, or Uranus have. Since you're never more than one sign away from the Sun, you tend to get drowned out. And I apologize for that. Especially given that perhaps the most important part of my job isn't to empathize or to espouse a point of view, so much as it is to communicate those things.

I think this is where your role in relationships is vastly underestimated. If you meet someone attractive in a bar where you can barely hear each other, that's one thing. It's the next morning when your ears are still ringing and you suddly can't quite remember the name of the person snoring next to you is that the real challenge kicks in.

That's metaphorically speaking, of course. I'm certain nothing like that has really happened to me or any of my fine, morally-upright readers.

So please, old friend... this time around I'm paying special attention to you. Don't screw up my software and my e-mail like you did last time. Besides... the Moon is also opposing Neptune right now, so I'm taking precautions. Rather than try to figure out this maddening business about Sarah Palin's time of birth, I'm going to do the astrologically sound thing... and take a nap.

Don't do anything crazy while I'm away. Please?

Your bestest best pal,

Matthew The Astrologer




Anonymous said...

That's one long nap, Astro Monkey!!?? I hope this means there will be blog posts from time to time? (ringing hands nervously)

Ya know, this retrograde Mercury has certainly turned out to be an interesting one. Right off the bat things started to happen! For instance, after 4 months of intense house hunting in a certain over-inflated area, it was deemed best to look in nearby towns -- disappointment was looming large at that point. all changed unexpectedly when I found the perfect place for much less. Why the head banging against the wall for so many months??? Merc RX seems to work for me.

Once I read that Mercury is the brain center and helps all the other planets coordinate. I think it is true. (Play nice. Use your words.) I think the name Loki is fitting for Merc Rx.

Matthew The Astrologer said...

Zzzz -- huh?

Oh, I'm awake. Had this crazy dream about a politician using a political crisis as an excuse to avoid debating political issues with the politician he's running against. Weird.

Come to think of it, though... "Loki" is a damned fine designation for Merc Rx. Just as smart... but with a little extra... let's call it "educational cunning."

Anonymous said...

Do you think this Merc Rx cycle will highlight issues of fairness pertaining to the upcoming election and unregulated free market greed?

It is more than a bad dream when Big Daddy Pluto and Cousin Uranus come knocking at your door...

Anonymous said...

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Taurussun said...

Hey Matthew,
Wake up
Wake up
Matthew, Matthew, Matthew, Matthew
Wake up my man, the world is passing you by.

Matthew, wake up!

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