Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sarah Palin's E-mail Hacked: Let The Saturn-Uranus Games Begin!

As I fretted about in my my first blog entry about Sarah Palin, technology seems to be playing an increasing role in the 2008 US Presidential elections. reports that Governor Palin has just recently had two of her Yahoo e-mail accounts hacked, and some of the contents thereof have been published online.

Gawker credits Anonymous, the online group determined to overthrow Scientology, with the hacking of Sarah's Yahoo accounts. Admittedly, this could be a hoax. However, if it is, it's a damned good one. I've been a big fan of Anonymous and the work they have done to spread the word about Scientology, but this leaves me a little uncertain about them. If it was Anonymous, I wish they would have left it alone. The screwing that Scientology puts people through is too important to have partisan politics, regardless of ones views, interfering with it. Besides, the last thing we need is a knee-jerk defense of Scientology by Rush Limbaugh.

(And yes, that was me bad-mouthing Scientology. Deal with it.)

Transiting Saturn is still bobbling around with the conjunction with Sarah's natal Uranus-Pluto, and that process won't be done with until well after the November elections. At the moment though, the biggest news is still, I believe, the transiting Neptune conjunction to her natal Sun. If there are more technologically-oriented news stories surfacing in the next couple of weeks in regard to the McCain/Palin campaign, I would take that as a proper clue to perform a rectification with. It also wouldn't bode well for the technologically-induced mayhem I'm still worried about in November.

And finally, a word about Governor Palin's time of birth: I still haven't seen anything official. A astrologer named "Madame Lichtenstein" claims to have received an e-mail telling her the time of birth was 4:40 PM. Sorry, but I just don't trust it, and won't trust ANY rectifications, guesses or rumours until I see proof. Besides, if I could trust everything I get in my e-mail, I'd be a Nigerian millionaire several times over by now. (And Madame Lichtenstein: next time you're talking to your inside source, could you please ask about that cheque I sent? I haven't spoken to Prince M'Beki in ages now, and I'm starting to worry...)

It's bad science to base anything on a highly questionable "accurate" time of birth. Think of all the astrologers out there who made asses of themselves over Princess Diana's wrong time of birth...

I don't mistrust technology: not at all. It is, as always, what the humans do with it where things go wrong.



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