Thursday, July 23, 2009

Conquer The Universe With Astrology, Book Two - Now Available!

If you've ever wanted to get past the basics of Sun Sign Astrology... have I got the book for you!

The second e-book in the "Conquer The Universe With Astrology" series is now available, and if you were intimidated by starting with Book One... "Aspects"... you might actually want to start with Book Two:

Sun And Moon: Yin And Yang, And How You Do Your Thang.

Yes, it really is a simple to use and understand guide to the most essential core concepts of astrology. Yes, it will help expand your understanding of the astrological basics. Yes, it's informative and entertaining.

And yes... that really is the title.

Click below and I'll send you the no-obligation details.

It's a reading, it's a forecast, it's a book... all for less than the cost of a reading! It's Conquer The Universe With Astrology! And the amazing Recession Buster Forecast Deal is still going strong! Write me with your date, time, and city of birth here for more details. And please specify if you are interested in the book, the Recession Buster forecast, or both. They're both good, and both come with surprise bonuses!

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