Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Celebrity Gossip Is Wrong (Plus: Celebrity Gossip Roundup!)

First of all, my apologies to anyone famous I've written about here on my blog. I realize that your lives are difficult enough, what with all the staring and pointing and unreasonably huge book advances... but I know people like me don't help. And I suppose it's kind of rude of me to be prying into your lives and birth charts.

On the other hand, the Moon is in Scorpio today, and everyone feels like prying into other people's business. And hey: I need the exposure.

So: here's my Celebrity Round-Up, sorted by Celebrity in more-or-less random order. If any of you out there want me to stop, feel free to buy my book drop me a line!

It's a reading, it's a forecast, it's a book... all for less than the cost of a reading! It's Conquer The Universe With Astrology! And the amazing Recession Buster Forecast Deal is still going strong! Write me with your date, time, and city of birth here for more details. And please specify if you are interested in the book, the Recession Buster forecast, or both. They're both good, and both come with surprise bonuses!

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