Friday, July 3, 2009

Follow Friday: Astrology Expressed

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You never know what kind of weirdness you'll find lurking on the Internet. Case in point: Astrology Expressed, written by my cyber-friend Neeti Ray.

Now when you're looking at it, it may not necessarily look weird at all. In fact, if you spend some time with it, you'll find that she has an unusually good grasp of how astrology really works. Certainly she seems to "get it" with things like Saturn, love, and the truly important things in life.

She's also got an unusual talent for describing the feel of astrological concepts in poetic form, which is a gift I personally wish I had. Also, she's actually a good poet, which is a surprise. Most astrological poetry out there is of the Emo Girl "My boyfriend is an Aquarius/My Dad is an Aquarius/Aquarius sucks/I want to die" variety. Neeti's is actually good. And insightful.

So what's the weird thing about Neeti's blog? She tries to claim she isn't actaully an astrologer. If that's the case... why do you so consistenly get it, when so many other "actual astrologers" don't seem to?

Like I said.... weird.


proudmum7 said...


in response to ur autistic children research i have sent my baby data to ur email address of gmail. hope to hear from u soon

Beth Turnage said...

Well that because Neeti reads your blog . . .and mine. Oh and whole bunch of other blogs, but we are the only ones that count. Shhhh, don't tell Jeffrey.