Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Uranus Station/Canada Day!

Uranus comes to a grinding halt in the sky today, so have a good look at your birth chart. If you have something in the late degrees of the Mutable Signs... big things are a' happenin'.

It's also Canada Day, when we of the Frozen North celebrate our independence from the British Empire. That in and of itself wasn't terribly Uranian -- there was no great rebellion, no war for independence, no thrilling tales of battlefield daring. It's a little like taking the day off to celebrate getting your driver's licence renewed.

...Or so you'd think. We're a peaceful, kind and co-operative lot, generally speaking. But once a year on this day we gather and... secretly, while no outsiders are watching... we celebrate the story our neighbors to the south tend to gloss over when they're celebrating their own history. An educational video is provided below.

Oh, damn. I let the Big Canadian secret out. Now they're gonna revoke my citizenship. Wait... who am I kidding? This is Canada we're talking about. By the time we're done debating who should be on the Board Of Inquiry into my bad behaviour, I'm going to be long dead.

Anyway, Happy Uranus Station/Canada Day! Celebrate with your own act of revolution... before the revolution comes and finds you.


Posh said...

Happy Canada Day indeed! I totally forgot that it was Canada Day.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have Saturn in Pisces 27 is my 7th house. What do you say Matthew?